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Mercian Galas this weekend 29th April 2023 – prep

Please can you send your Team sheets by Friday night 28/04/23 to the following email addresses – depending upon which gala you are at:

For the Nuneaton Gala at Pingles:

Beeches are hosting: contact@pbsss.org.uk

For the Walsall gala, at Gala Baths (5pm warmup):

Wombourne are hosting: wombourne.sc@gmail.com

For the Tamworth gala, at the Snow Dome: 

Tamworth are hosting:  johnjorandolph@yahoo.co.uk

Many thanks for your help with this. And to the hosts (Perry Beeches, Wombourne and Tamworth) please can you whatsapp/email the results to merciansummerleague@outlook.com as soon as you can after the gala. (Whatsapp on Saturday night with results to follow on Sunday morning by email?). BIG THANKS for organising the galas – and also BIG THANKS for everyone who has offered officials for Saturday – Tamworth may still be a little short but I am sure we will get there!